Sunday, 10 December 2017

Plant Mum Yapo

I guess I'm a plant mommy now too. Hello to this little one~ Crassula Ovata 🌿 //Jade plant

My room receives no natural light at all during winter and this little one requires full sun. Having frogs do help because I have both red & UV lamp that stimulates plant growth 🌲🌲 now I may seem like I know what I'm talking about but I have killed many succulents before, so yeah, I'm diving in once again, this time with more research 🙈
Today something rare happened, it snowed so hard! It's really pretty!! Our balcony looked cute. I realised those are real plants on the table, succulents my mum bought three months ago. I took them immediately and I thought, well, maybe I can try to save them from the imminent root rot. And true enough the lower leaves were already black and mushy. Picture above is all I managed to salvage. I am currently letting it callous inside Jubjub's lair, where the temperature are warm and cosy. I will update you guys how it goes, although in plant world, things are slower so patience is truly a virtue. Haha. I'm trying to be not so fast paced with my life too. There's always lesson waiting to be learned with new hobbies. Here's the space allocated for the plants (yep, there will be more plants en route to arrive before Christmas holidays). I have always hid this part of my room when taking pics because it's the most untidy. I have finally cleaned up this area and ready to utilise it for my urban jungle project.

I guess what motivated me to kickstart this idea is because of gaming. Haha. I really want to stream! And the location of my setup shows this part of my room. There are insect containers, water bottles, cables, window cleaner littering as my back drop! I can't have that! LOL.
I could've just filled the area with stuffed toys but since I've been drawing a lot, and taken a liking to botany&fairy tale settings, I decided the green's the way to go! It also compliments my pets. Win-win.

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