Friday, 24 November 2017

Moleskine x Kindle

Hello, all. Yapo is highly impressed! I've been using my Kindle since I got it and with my tiny hands it's still awkward to hold on its own. I wanted a cover/case that will be more solid to hold, multi-purpose and not worry that my sweat would stain its white exterior. This Moleskine came through. It feels like I'm really holding a book. It features a pocket size pad for jotting down notes. You can remove it for less bulk then you'll have access to a sleeve compartment for notes, receipts, and the likes.
Another thing I love about this is, since I've been drawing a lot with watercolour recently, I can replace the notepad with any A6 (post card) sized watercolour pad and it'll be the perfect reading & art travel companion. I think we're all aware how inspiring books can be and this allows me to remember quotes, any ideas, inspiration, and questions.

This cover also features a very plush interior. Soft to touch and high standard quality as what you would expect from Moleskine. As you can see on the photos, my Kindle isn't the perfect fit for this but I honestly don't mind, as the leather fits really snug and tight. It just gives me room to slide in a pen on the space left above.

Perhaps the only thing its lacking, in my opinion, is that the design could've been more versatile in regards with writing orientation, I use my left hand and this means my palms would rest on top of my Kindle when writing or drawing something. You could argue that I could just rotate the whole thing but, yeah doesn't sit right with the OCD with me. Hmm, another request I guess would be more colour selection!
 Overall, this Kindle case perfectly met my needs and despite my few cons, I'd still recommend it!

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