Thursday, 15 June 2017

Laneige Favourites

Hello~ It's been quite a while, but I'm back with two products I absolutely adore. For a year now I've been using Laneige BB cream and I absolutely love it, so it only makes sense that I try to use more of their products.

I got these from They are based in Philippines and offers wide selection of US/Korean brand products. Recently they also offer cash on delivery for local orders, so that's really convenient! Shipping to London is standard 3 weeks but with such a lovely customer service, I didn't hesitate to order from them.
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask ✦✦✦✦/5
I'm a huge fan of over night moisturisers. When my Tony Moly Water Bomb ran out, I had to find a replacement quick and this didn't disappoint! You receive a spatula when you buy one and it really spreads densely even with little amount. The only down side I can think of is that it doesn't dry that quickly. But then again, it depends how much product you spoil your skin in. Been using this for more than a month now and can truly say I never had any problems at all. I'm a very low maintenance girl when it comes to skin care, it doesn't take much to make me happy but using this totally set up my standards higher. Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar ✦✦✦/5
This one, I'm not much of a fan but it's not quite bad. I guess my taste just changed as I continue to explore what suits me or what doesn't. I like gradient style lips but recently I've been more into embracing full lips. So I prefer mattes than glossy. I do find that you can build up this product though they transfer quite easily on mugs, food, fabric, etc. With my current style I had to use them as full lip colour rather than gradient, it's not that bad but not my cup of tea anymore. I would say though they are true to their shade. And with two colours included in one, gives you more opportunity to experiment with looks, blending, and what not~ Overall I'm really pleased with these two products and I'm definitely looking into trying out more Laneige skin care in the future. I actually just ran out of the BB cream and will be repurchasing again this pay day haha.

Anyway, please don't forget to check out especially if you're from Philippines! Honestly couldn't be more satisfied with their customer service. Much love!

Disclaimer: products reviewed here are bought using my own money and reviews are my honest opinion about them. Thought I should put this here because I haven't reviewed any products for a long time~

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