Sunday, 2 April 2017

Haul: ZenMarket

Hello! Yesterday I was finally able to receive my order from ZenMarket. Really excited because this is my first heavy-ish purchase from them! They are really useful as a one-stop-shop for everything you want to buy from Japan.

I have tried their service before, so this is actually my 2nd time. My first time was a really good one, so I came back! There are tons of Japanese shopping services out there but I chose ZenMarket due to the user-friendly website, their payment process, customer service response time, and of course the relatively cheap charge per item.

Basically, they charge ¥300/item, so their service charge is the least of your worries. What really makes shopping expensive, and this will apply to all their competitors, are the local&int'l shipping fees and taxes.

I have worked for a proxy shopping service before (TaobaoManila days!), so I'm fairly aware how it works. Though that was long time ago and I'm no expert.
Coat from Ank Rouge//Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Kuma Kumya bag//off brand lolita shoes.

The coat and bag are something I won from Yahoo Auctions and live bidding is one of ZenMarket's amazing features. I have been lusting over the Ank Rouge's coat since mid-autumn last year but ordering from other proxy websites are so intimidating, not to mention the really expensive price alone.

So imagine my surprise when I was able to score this 2nd hand one for only £17 which is a crazy crazy steal! Because of the really good experience, I'm looking into placing my next order from them quite soon. This is my first Spring/Summer that I won't be wearing all black and I do need some pieces to get my wardrobe going.

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