Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Silver Lining

A lot of positive things has been happening to me lately and I'm really happy. Deep inside I am also worried and very wary because this is almost too good to be true.

I love my current job and I take great pride in my role as a logo designer. Lately, I've been pushing a project to improve our product and I receive amazing support and appreciation from my bosses. They give me the freedom I need and I feel I'm really helping the company. On top of this, I'm also collaborating with another department and they are pleased with my performance. Being able to juggle everyday tasks, projects, and collaboration well, I must say I'm in a good standing and spot. I'm comfortable but also out of my comfort zone. This is a new achievement and experience for me.

And as if it wasn't enough, out of nowhere, my old boss contacted me to join and work for him again! This time, it is for Apple. This is office and not retail store. In central London. With REALLY good pay.

How can I say no!

Of course I had to say yes.

And now I find myself in this situation. Everything is perfect and peachy. It's like a dream. I'm honestly very grateful for the opportunity. It hasn't even sinked in to me completely and I have this false sense of calmness.

Something's gotta give, though.

When I privately announced to my current team I'm leaving, I told them that as a logo designer, my new role would be a step back to the career path I wanted. From graphic designer to communication specialist. BUT it is still too good of an offer to pass up! Imagine putting Apple in my CV/resume.

However, for some sad reason, despite my announcement being confidential and only for my team, I guess someone can't help but gossip. 😐😐😐 Word got out that my new role would be a 'step-down' for me and I got confronted about it for clarification by someone outside my team.

I feel really bad that the context and intention was taken badly that they needed 'clarification' to what I've said. I feel like I don't have to explain myself to anyone. It just made me very upset that out of nothing suddenly there's this that needs clarifying 😓

I hate dwelling with negativity but it honestly got to me and I'm frustrated that I can't let it go. I love my team, they are my family, I feel appreciated and I don't have to hide nothing from them so I speak freely. So it is sad that there's this person I can't trust and now have to be careful around. It makes the working environment so toxic.

However, I have to remember that this is just a bump compared to all the good things happening to me. I should calm down to appreciate what's going to happen next. I understand things like this happens all the time in office setting. It's just sad when you're leaving in a few weeks and then have all this shade.

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