Sunday, 5 March 2017

Prairie Folk

First post for the month of March! Spring is almost upon us and can't wait to wear this dress outside. This is another purchase from Depop. It took longer to arrive due to CNY but I can say it's worth the wait. Also it's not that expensive but the quality is just so good. It's voluminous and the lining is great too!

I'm contemplating if I should get a haircut, like I mean going to an actual salon to get my hair done and not DIY which I've been doing for two years now. The recent bleaching job I did caused my hair to be thicker to one side and thin the other and it's bothering me so much!
As for the hair cut, I'm leaning for a layered bob, I have Pinterest board for ideas, if anyone is interested.
I'm having doubts as I can finally braid my short hair though. So we'll see! lol

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