Thursday, 9 February 2017


Hello all! Winter is officially ending next month and we're almost midway Feb so I kind of splurged myself on another coat! I got it for Depop so it's a brand-new-2nd-hand as it was never used? But y'all should now by now, I love 2nd hand stuff.😅

It's so oversized on me,just the way I like it. Every time I watch anime or manga, the characters have small heads and big bodies lol. So in that sense I feel 2D (wtf). Another thing is the amazingly soft texture! I love structured fabric that can still hold a good silhouette and this piece def have it!

Over all I feel like I got more than what I paid for. I just wish I have somewhere to wear it to lol! Maybe I'll try to wear it in office one day, although, I've been wearing the same coat ever since Autumn so I feel like my team would definitely notice, and I hate being noticed wearing new clothes hahahah! Have you bought any winter wear lately?✨

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