Saturday, 21 January 2017

Sumikko Gurashi 3DS Case

Im well excited for this purchase! It's part of my Christmas gift for myself lol 💕 Remember last November, I decided to upgrade to 3DS XL (ACNL edition). I love it so much! But one time, I dropped it on a cement pavement while getting out of the car and my I swear my heart stopped for a second because I don't drop my gadgets at all but when I do THE WORSE THINGS HAPPEN!!1! And indeed there was the tiniest dent on my 3DS, and I am still so pissed off about it.

Let me tell you though 3DS cases are not cheap at all and quite hard to find that suits my picky self. I recall, initially I bought a pink rilakkuma case but the ebay seller told me it's actually out of stock and tried to sell me cases that I don't like at all. He refunded me but it took me a week or two, I think, to find this cute one. Then 2-3 weeks to arrive 😓 So cute! I've always been jealous of the neko rubber cases for the previous 3DS XL model, sadly the neko one for the new3DS, I don't like so much. I feel like this suits me better. I do want to get a plushie charm for it next pay day to complete the kawaii gaming experience 😅

What is your favourite gaming console? Do you drop your gadgets often like me?💦

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