Saturday, 7 January 2017

Life On The First Weeks Of 2017

Hello, hello! First of all, let me greet everyone belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope 2017 is treating you mildly. As for me and Adam, everything is just BUSY. Haha! We are currently looking for a place to move into. And it's really not easy especially we work in different areas and have a limited budget. We're trying to meet halfway and compromise but we have different preferences.

For example, I commute and he drives. Convenience commuting to work is my top most priority as I have an early shift. He drives so he can compromise a bit on living quite far from his workplace but he has an issue with his foot so we can't rent flat buildings because he is also claustrophobic so he can't ride elevators. He also needs an off street secured parking or else his car insurance will sky rocket in price.

We've done a lot of house viewings, but it's either on top of buildings or there are no means for me to go to work or the place itself looks terrible it reflects badly on the landlord or it's just really outside our budget.

I think having pets is an issue too. So, really, can you imagine the headache.

We tried the idea of house share with friends, unfortunately it's not really bringing us any progress as it's just simply hard to organise or tell people how much a priority this is when you're not that close with them. And of course, they have their own priorities and preferences too.

Alas, I also don't have any savings, so I have to rely on Adam with our initial deposits and all that adult-y stuff, which is poor show on my side and yeah, NOT GOOD AT ALL.

So as soon as we're settled with our new place, I will make sure to save so we don't have to go through of all this again.

There's a lot of stress but at least we're moving forward together. Both of us can't wait to get this over with haha. Please wish us luck!


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