Sunday, 8 January 2017

Interior Dreaming

When moving places I just can't help but fantasise how i will be decorating the place.

One of the joys of being an adult is the freedom to make choices with decor. Lucky me, Adam already gave me the permission to govern all things interior. So long as he has his PC setup, gaming consoles, shelves of comics/books, vinyls, and other gadgets, he's fine with me decorating the place.

I still cannot decide what kind of theme we'd like to go for but I do want it to be cosy, bright, clean, and chilled out. Minimalism is great but it's too uptight. We won't have the luxury to have large space so I must take that into account

Recently been following instagram users that features very ‘homely’ interiors and I thought it would be nice to document this here in my blog as inspirations!

Looks very cosy. Settings like this makes me sleepy and thankful to have a roof over my head on rainy days. Busy, messy kitchen but still appears aesthetically pleasing is nirvana to me. I don't have a dog, but this pet corner is something to take inspiration from for my bearded dragons' and frogs' tanks! One thing I promised myself is to lend space for my full length mirror to take selfies/ootds for. Sounds vain but it has been a part of my life and hobby.

What do you guys think? Do you have your own place? What interior theme do you guys have?

Image credits to: @kina221 @pino0224 @inamorim @suehime_funwari @keichoco312

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