Sunday, 15 January 2017

Cherry Chocolate

I dyed my hair last night back to brown. I love black but I want to force myself to not just take it easy taking care of myself. I was tweeting the other day how I miss prettifying myself. Dressing up and putting make up on even when I'm only staying at home. Taking selfies until my make up melts. Those kind of stuff haha. I feel like I spend too much time internally bitching about how ugly I've been and gained so much weight rather than really doing something about it.

I need to love myself because if I don't, no one else will!

Bottom line, queue in shopping for double eyelid tapes, fake lashes and more cute clothes! Speaking of cute clothes, I'm totally inlove with my new dress I bought from PoppyJune on Depop. I think she sells the cutest clothes there. This cherry printed dress is so perfect and the quality is A+++. What I love even more about it is the collar.

After blogging about Axes Femme last month and drooling over Ank Rouge pieces, I feel like this piece had all the boxes ticked and I know I just had to buy it! It's more for Spring, Summer, and Autumn though but it's okay! (I feel like it's such a luxury to be able to take this much selfies again haha. I hope I can do this more often! For my blog's productivity's sake too!lol so please enjoy some silly pics of me and Adam in here)

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