Tuesday, 27 December 2016

ACNL Welcome Amiibo

Hello all, I've been playing more Animal Crossing New Leaf lately thanks to their update, Welcome Amiibo. They have integrated the use of Amiibo cards&toys even more and they released new neighbours, much better; a Sanrio collaboration which I'm just so thrilled about!
Kero Keroppi is my favourite for obvious reasons, my Momo and Koppi frogs!
Moving your furnitures now is no sweat as they've also included a feature from Happy Home Designer where you can drag and drop to position your stuff rather than your avatar doing the manual labour. Another home improvement is having the option for a secret room which is basically more storage!

My room used to be just random stuff I've collected through out playing but now I can actually collect, organise, and plan rooms more easily.

They have added numerous features like the Wisp, sitting on stones, Town Initiatives, Meows, etc. I haven't actually tried them all yet as I'm more focused with planting trees and planning my rooms but soon enough I'll be able to~

I'll try and update this again when I do.

Have you played the new update yet? Which new Neighbour would you like to invite or buy furnitures from?

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