Monday, 28 November 2016

Puppy Hood Bed

I feel like I have to blog about how cute my new beardies' bed are! I just find it so adorable! Got this from Pets At Home and tbh I've been eyeing this since last month.I know it's for puppers but I think my beardies will make more use for this because they don't grow too big.

I like taking one of them with me to sleep from time to time. Usually they sleep on my pillow and I haven't squashed them yet but I am not going to wait for that to happen lol.

I used to take both of them to sleep with me but since they are of opposite sex, Jubjub started to get aggressive with Oni and assert dominance now that he's nearing maturity (1 yr old).

So yeah that's about it! Thank you for dropping by. Please wait for my post about my beardies LOL!

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