Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Psuedo Kotatsu?

Hello, another purchase here. This time it's a humble bed tray from eBay! I really like it, before buying I thought "Oh okay this looks handy maybe I'll give it a try.." But this lil thing blew me away, haha, I think I can't be without this. It's like my mini kotatsu! I put a hot watter bottle on my lap then cover the bed tray with a throw and voila, I have a diy kotatsu. I'm pretty conscious and strict when I eat on my bed and I avoid it as much as possible, but I find it really convenient especially after work and preparing dinner. I do love to watch anime on my laptop while eating, so, add it all together: Being on bed, eating, plus watching anime= ULTIMATE LAZY YAPO!! This bed tray really helps me do all those without mess and inconvenience.

This also allows me to draw and use water colour on the comfort of soft cozy cozy sheets, while Jub-Jub or Oni sleeps beside me.

As I've said before, my room is a small double room size and I share it with Adam, so there's not much space to hang out and move. I think this bed tray is a life saver and help me materialise the kotatsu that I really really like.

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