Thursday, 3 November 2016

New Nintendo 3DS XL

I've been playing more and more with my 3DS so even with the Nintendo Switch announced and around the corner, I still went ahead and upgraded to New Nintendo XL Animal Crossing HHD edition.

It was triggered when a gaming buddy shared with me a deal he found on Argos and it was actually the cheapest everywhere at that time, so, welp, there goes my salary!

Transitioning to XL is pretty awesome. The screen is massive and the handheld console is as huge as my iPhone 6s plus. Thicker even (I don't mind!). All the more fun!

I mostly play Fantasy Life, enough Animal Crossing New Leaf. Hopefully Pokemoon Moon too as I'm a huge fan of avatar customisation and exploring the places are even more immersive and felt huge when I tried the demo game.

The offer came with 2 games, and I picked the same game twice (Puzzlez And Dragons) just because the selection is very limited and all of them are ugly games. Then included one for free when I sold my old 3ds on Depop!

Anyway, hopefully I can blog more about this baby especially games I have. Aside from taking care of my pets, gaming is my escape from the monotonous work life.

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