Saturday, 26 November 2016

Keep Warm

I must be getting old but truly I'm so happy and content to have bought stuff to help me keep warm this winter. Due to my style transition, I managed to get silver membership on Yesstyle (they're my ASOS haha). I haven't really been able to share my past purchases so I wanna do those again bit by bit.

These are this month's haul, mostly tights! And a beret.
Some socks I got on eBay and Depop. Like this brown one. I've been looking for this specific type of beret because they already have shape. I prefer this so much more than the normal ones I see. I'm thinking to get other colours as well. I always say this but I never do haha. We'll see how it goes. Here I have a hot water bottle covered in faux fur. I'm planning to bring this with me in the office since it's super chilly. I got this from

Also can I say I LOVE THEIR SHOP!! Everything looks comfy and cosy as hell. CHILLAX 4LYFE lolol

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