Saturday, 5 November 2016


Autumn is so pretty! I love it even though it's over all too gloomy and dark. The trees are so colourful and it literally is something out of a fairy tale book.

I really want to visit Kews Garden around this time but I can't drag my ass to do it unfortunately. Commuting is more than an hour despite being in London.

On a totally unrelated news, I finally received my dress I ordered from Zozotown through Zenmarket. I would love to show it off with better outfit coordination but I'm unmotivated with my room space and also I literally just came back from work and rushing to take pictures before bunny bun gets home from work and we're all cramped in this small space. lol.

I keep telling myself that if we move out, I'd definitely need my own room to fill up with pets and a dedicated space to take pictures with or film. But for now it's only a dream and goal.

So back to my new dress. This is actually the first time I bought something straight from Japan using a middleman shopping service. I will write a review about my experience so hopefully can help some of you and give an idea of their service.
White shirt- Depop//Dress- Samansa Mos2//Bag- Snowbee//Shoes- Birkenstock

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